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The Lean Green Delivery Team
Green just got greener! We all know that organic and seasonal veg is the way forward – it means a smaller carbon footprint, and more delicious dinners. But the New Roots veg box scheme goes further than others. As well as the veg as local as possible, our veg boxes are delivered by a committed team of cycling enthusiasts, who deliver to the people of Sheffield exclusively by pedal power.
The quantity of food is determined by the prices available, which change season-to-season. Our types and prices of boxes are as follows:
£10.00 Medium Veg
£10.00 Medium Fruit and Veg
£14.50 Large Fruit and Veg
£14.50 Large Veg
If you have any enquiries, or would like to try a one-off box delivery, please contact
We will get back to you to arrange a regular veg box delivery. We are limited by a certain number of miles we can cycle and boxes we can deliver, so we may not be able to provide all enquiries with veg boxes. We are, however, determined to display the power of the pedal, and will work best to meet your needs!